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Dawsons Omni.png



Lieutenant - Navigator & Historian

AGE:  11


HAIR: Blonde

EYES: Hazel

Having courage in the face of danger and  with the responsibility the Cadets have  is Dawson's biggest challenge.  All too often Dawson relies on Eli to take care of him to get him out of sticky situations.  Dawson is the navigator of the ship.  It is his responsibilty to ensure they end up where they are supposed to be.  He coordinates with M.A.D.I. and JNKR to make sure the ship is pointed to the right moment in time.  He has absolute recall of all facts historical in nature including dates and key turning points in history. 


Dawson is often the voice of reason when Eli and Marah get into an argument.  He tries to remain objective to the team even though Eli is his best friend.  He is often picked on at school because he seems vulnerable and his nose is always buried in his books.  But with Eli's help, he is learning to stand up to his adversaries.  Being apart of the Chrono Cadets team means everything to Dawson, and even though  he gets a little squimish from time to time, he is committed to the cause. 

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