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Eli's Omni.png


Captain - Team Leader

AGE:  11


HAIR: Brown

EYES: Blue

Before attending the Mayfield Academy, Eli was kicked out of three schools in five years and already had a reputation for being a trouble maker.  Upon entering the Mayfield Academy, Eli was looking for a fresh start, and the opportunity to attend the Mayfield Academy was Eli's last opportunity to prove that he wasn't just some punk kid with a bad attitude. 


Despite how he sees himself, Eli is kind and generous at heart.  Most of his transgression at school were usually founded in his misplaced attempt at doing the right thing.  Being selected as the leader of the Chrono Cadets came as shock to Eli, and is something he is still trying to wrap his head around.  


Although he is strong in mind and body, and confident in his abilities, his greatest insecurity is that he will ultimately let his team down.  However, when push comes to shove, he puts all his fears aside and gets the job done. 

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