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Marahs Omni.png


Commander - Science Officer & Pilot

AGE:  12


HAIR: Brown

EYES: Brown

She is a scientist, a pilot, and she is from the future. Marah is unique among her fellow students of the Mayfield Academy because she literally comes from a different time and place. She is the prettiest girl at school and all of the boys love her, but she simply does not understand the culture of today’s youth and is socially dysfunctional. She often relies on Eli and Dawson to help her in social settings.


Born in the year 2104, Marah was brought into a world on the brink of of destruction.  The early years of her life were spent in isolation on a remote island in the South Pacific as her parents fought to salvage what little was left of humankind.  Her father is Professor Gregory Jacobs.  History professor and mission leader for the Chrono Cadets program. Along with the other Mayfield Academy professors and JNKR, they escaped from the future in the last hope of saving the human race from its impending doom. 

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